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Drone photo of Owen Sound from harbour

Restoring Nature with Urban Forestry

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Hospital Healing Path - Phase One

Compound antenna for Huff Duff on Healing Path

Huff Duff Antenna

Community Foundation Grey Bruce Logo
Brightshores Health System Logo
Phase 1 of Owen Sound Hospital Healing Path

Phase One

Above is a  a compound directional antenna used with a Huff Duff locating system in WWII.  It is the base for our first rest pod on the Healing Path.  A bench and informational signage will be installed.  This project was made possible by a grant from Community Foundation Grey Bruce.

Dry Yellow Leaf

Phase one  of the Healing Path is complete.  This section of the path runs from the hospital lane entrance off 16th Ave. East to the entrance off 8th St. East.

While wheelchair accessible, at this time it does require some walking on the road if entering or leaving from the 8th Street E. entrance.


Tiny forest at Grey County Headquarters
Transform the Lawn at Grey County Headquarters
Tiny Native Plant Garden at Grey County Headquarters

As a part of a Grey County going green, NeighbourWoods North is assisting in transforming

the large grass monoculture into oases of trees and gardens filled with native plants.

Working Together

A lot of people and groups came together to create the Bioswale Tiny Forest at the Peninsula Shores District School. Students, teachers, community groups, volunteers, local businesses, service clubs, and organizations can make things happen when working together.  Watch the video to learn more about tiny forests, bioswales, and who made it all happen.

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