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What we do


Kelso Beach Project

Alternating Showy Mountain Ash and Apple Serviceberry trees  line the Eddie Sargent Parkway at Kelso.   White Pines blanket the south end of the parking area towards the Syndenham River


NeighbourWoods North (NN) grew from the 2017 TD Tree Days at Kelso Beach.   TD Tree Days is Toronto Dominion's flagship volunteer and urban greening program and a part of TD's Friends of the Environment Foundation, which has been helping to green communities across Canada since 1990.   Locally, TD Bank and TD Wealth rotate leading planting projects.   In September 2017 TD Wealth led the initiative to plant over 150 trees at Kelso park, and the genesis of  NeighbourWoods North was there.   

​NeighbourWoods North doesn't just plant and leave but assisted the city of  Owen Sound in tending to the trees for two years.  NN   is open to continuing assistance in this or other projects should the city call upon us.


Showy Mountain Ash


First Leaves


Southern Pines 2019


In Bloom


White Pine 2020


Apple Serviceberry


Rainy June Tree Tending



École East Ridge Community School

To celebrate Arbor Week, NeighbourWoods North joined forces with brothers Mike and Bryan Nurton of Hydro One's forestry team to assist the youngest students of ERCS to learn about and plant some trees.  Mike and Bryan joined the children in the classrooms to teach them about trees, planting, growth, and how Hydro One manages tree safety and electricity.   With the help of grade seven and eight students, the youngest members of ERCS planted a row of cedars along the fence between Georgian College and ERCS.   They dug holes, put in trees, watered, and mulched.   Not through yet and excited at helping the trees, the children mulched almost all the trees in the play yard.  

The fun and successful day at East Ridge Community School was coordinated by vice-principal and resource teacher Sue Crysler.  If you would like your school to participate in  tree activities, whether it be a presentation or hands-on, please contact NeighbourWoods North.

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