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Supporters, donators, volunteers, and the steering committee made a major fundraiser a financial and enjoyable success.   As this was our first go at organizing a fundraising dinner for most of the volunteers and NeigbhourWoods North steering committee, we approached it with some trepidation.  To our delight we sold out by mid-July for the early August event.  To everyone who bought tickets, a big thank you.

Donators to the Silent Auction were wonderfully generous providing everything from artwork to  hand tied fly fishing lures.   To further express our thanks, we'll be featuring each donator on our website and Facebook page in the coming weeks

Chef Zach Keeshig and his assistant Jonathan Brew provided unique, indigenous influenced creations using locally produced and foraged ingredients that dazzled the eye as well as the palate.  Courses and the menu are featured in the photos below.   Al Crawford's music provided a delightful accompaniment to the meal.

We couldn't have done any of it without the resources, support, and inspiration of the three owners of Gleason Brook Winery.  Jackie Dixon was an excellent emcee, keeping us all on track, and everything flowing.  The organizing talents and behind the scene work of Tim Dixon and his sister Mary Ann Dixon ensured that everything went off without a hitch.

To all who made this event a success, we can't express our gratitude enough.  Thanks to your generosity we raised $8000 and will be able to start The Healing Path much earlier than anticipated.  To see the preliminary plan for the Healing Path, click here.

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