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Volunteer FAQs

What type of jobs do volunteers perform?

Volunteers plant trees, shrubs, and other plants.  They do other gardening tasks, such as mulching, weeding, watering, pruning, mowing, cleaning garden beds, feeding plants and soils, dividing perennials, transplanting, staking plants, and other related tasks.  Volunteers assist with social media and the website.  The Steering Committee is made up of volunteers.  The Steering Committee does all the behind the scenes work such as planning, purchasing, grant-writing, fund-raising, meetings with property owners, government officials, and other organizations.


Volunteer opportunities are sporadic as they are weather dependent with most occurring in the spring and fall.   Generally dates and times are announced on the web site under events, through social media and/or an email update to subscribers.   Most events occur on weekends or evenings. 

How do I subscribe for email notifications?

By completing the contact form above with your full name and email, you are automatically subscribed to email updates. 

How old do volunteers have to be?

Unless accompanied by a parent, volunteers must be 12 years old for insurance reasons. 

Will these hours count towards my High School Community Involvement Hours?  


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